SimplyCook Vs. The Takeaway


After a hard day’s work a takeaway can seem like a tempting and well-earned treat. The occasional one is great but far too many of us are turning to the takeaway on a more regular basis. A recent survey showed that the average Brit spends an eye watering £1,320 a year on takeaway food, with that number doubling for those living in London.

It’s not only the nations wallets that are suffering, the UK’s rapidly expanding waistline is in part due with to the average Indian meal coming in at 1,338 calories and 1,436 calories for a similar-sized Chinese! So we’re here to offer those hardworking, time-short people another option, one with the ease and tastiness of a takeaway minus the associated cost and 1000+ calorie hike!

The results..

The timer started as soon as we put down the phone having placed our order with the local Thai takeaway. With a curry ETA of 40 minutes we delayed the SimplyCook version in order to serve the dishes to our blind taste testers at the same time, making the test as fair as we possibly could!

The SimplyCook Beef Rendang Takeaway Thai beef curry with rice
Time to table 20 minutes (plus 5 in the supermarket) 40 minutes
Blind taste test Winner
Cost per person £3.93 per person (including kit) £5.95 per person (plus an extra £2 to get it delivered)
And the winner is.. 3-0 to SimplyCook!

So there you have it with a little effort you’ll produce a quicker, cheaper and tastier meal than your local takeaway can. With the added benefit of avoiding that post takeaway guilt! Tune in next week to see how we get on against the king of the convenience cooking… the microwavable ready meal!

Don’t just eat, SimplyCook :)