5 of the Tastiest Meals in the World


Here’s 5 of the tastiest meals from around the world (and you can cook them at home!)

5. The Bibimbap

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A signature Korean dish, first mentioned in the Siuijeonseo (a late 19th century cookbook).  Some believe that the dish originated as part of a Jeza ceremony where separate food offerings were mixed in a single bowl to honour a families ancestors. The dish has now become a staple part  of Korean cusine with several different regional adaptions.  See Recipe

4. Chicken Tinga


Mexican food has enjoyed a much-needed renaissance in the UK recently. Among the new dishes gracing modern Mexican restaurant menu’s is the Chicken Tinga. A more authentically flavoured filling for fajitas and Tocos, this dish returns to the routes of Mexican cuisine and thoroughly deserves its place in our top 5. See Recipe

3. Palak Paneer

Spinach & Paneer Curry (640x479)

The only vegetarian dish to make it into our top 5. Even the most committed carnivores would be unable to resist this hugely satisfying dish. Originating in Northern India from humble routes, using Paneer or ‘farmers cheese’ as the central component this dish is a genuine rags to riches story as it now features on the menu of some of the top Indian restaurants in Britain. See Recipe

2. Pad Thai

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Possibly the most widely consumed street food in modern day Thailand. Though the components of this dish suggest Chinese origins, the flavours are distinctly Thai making for an incredibly tasty meal! Quick, delicious and nutritious, it’s easy to see why the Pad Thai has become popular in many other countries around the world. See Recipe 

1. Nyonya


The Peranakan people (a group of Chinese migrants that first settled in Malaysia in the 15th Century) have created some of the world tastiest dishes by merging both Chinese and Malaysian cuisines.  A number of dishes could have been a contender for our top spot but the Nyonya curry is just too good to overlook! See Recipe

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