Simple tweaks to make SimplyCook work for you!


Does anyone know a child over the age of four who isn’t a fussy eater? Answers on a postcard please. In our experience, even the most adventurous eater turns three and immediately decides they don’t like potatoes, anything with more than one ingredient mixed together and any food with an ‘r’ in the name.

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The Perfect Steak

The perfect steak

What would your last meal be? For me, a properly cooked steak, crunchy chips, a nice béarnaise and good glass of red wine would be a worthy contender. But what exactly is a properly cooked steak? Various methods have been suggested and the age-old arguments still go on; which cut to go for? Should you oil the pan?  How long should you rest it?….and so on.

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5 Dishes to Win at Date Night With

Pad Thai

At SimplyCook we understand how important date night can be to keep the spark alive in any relationship so we have complied our top 5 dishes that can help you impress in the kitchen. All super simple to make and ready to blow away the whole house without breaking the bank! Whether they love exotic dishes or super hearty comfort food there’s bound to be a dish here they’ll love.

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