Six of the Best Breaks in Europe for Foodies

seafood paella

Europe is full of amazing cities bursting with culture and different food to try. For some holiday inspiration we’ve put together six of our favourite places for a weekend away. From city breaks to beach resorts, there is something for everyone.

1. Valencia, Spain

One of the lesser known cities in Spain, Valencia is definitely worth a visit. With 300 sunny days a year, 3km of sandy beaches and a bustling old town, there’s something for everyone.

What not to miss: Paella Valenciana, originating from Valencia you cannot visit without trying a Paella. Just head to one of the restaurants lining the beach and sample the famous dish. If you are feeling extra adventurous you can go for the classic Paella with rabbit and snails.

seafood paella

2. Istanbul, Turkey

A beautiful city on the Bosphorus river, bridging the gap between Asia and Europe, this is a must to visit in your lifetime. With it’s ranking as a mega city and huge cultural influences it’s no wonder the food is spectacular. Expect kebabs, lovely plates of mezze and every type of aubergine you can imagine.

What not to miss: Baklava and a Turkish Coffee – a sticky and sweet pastry with pistachios or walnuts is a must to try. Then follow up any meal with a relaxed Turkish coffee.

3. Strasbourg, France

In the Alsace region, a picturesque Medieval city torn between France and Germany. Visit in winter for the spectacular Christmas markets and cosy taverns or in the summer to wander down the twisting alleys and old streets.

What not to miss: Tarte Flambee – Already popping up in trendy London restaurants, don’t miss the Tarte Flambee. If the name isn’t enough to tempt you in itself, the wafer thin pizza topped with a creamy sauce, sliced onions and lardons will be.

Elssser Flammkuchen

4. Rome, Italy

One of the most beautiful cities, it is full of culture with fountains, palaces, old ruins and churches. Luckily to keep you going through all of the sight-seeing the food is just as amazing and indulgent with lots of pizza and icecream – what is not to love.

Rome, Italy - Trevi Fountain

What not to miss: Carciofi alla romana – If you still have room after all of the pizza, pasta and ice cream make sure to sample this classic Roman dish. This braised artichoke dish is perfect in the Spring or when you want something lighter.

5. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a beautiful and unpretentious city, perfect to getaway to for a weekend. It’s known for its chocolate shops on every corner, waffles and of course mussels & fries, you will eat well when you visit. Also a city full of culture, this Medieval city is full of art and beautiful buildings.

What not to miss: The Beer, with over 400 types from light to dark and fruity varieties too you will be spoilt for choice. Find a cosy tavern with a plate of Belgian fries and a beer with friends – there is no better way to spend an evening.

6. Basque region, France & Spain

Spanning the South West of France and the North of Spain, the Basque region is amazing for food. Pop down to San Sebastian to visit the famous Tapas bars and wander along the beach. Or spend the day in the riverside old town Bayonne in France, famous for it’s chocolates and cured meats.


Must try: Gateau Basque – an indulgent treat of almond pastry filled with pastry cream and optional cherries.