Cut out for the job

Cut out for the job

Winter is absolutely the right time for a stew. Not school dinner stew. Dismiss thoughts of watery gristle with inexplicably uncooked pieces of carrot. We’re thinking of meltingly tender meat slowly cooked in unctuous meaty gravy. When it has been dark since 4 o’clock in the afternoon and wind is threatening the structural integrity of your house, a pot of savoury goodness fits the bill.

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Winter veg-tastic

Winter veg-tastic

A little while ago, lots of us decided to aim for a meat-light diet. We thought that, for our own health and the health of the planet, we’d eat less meat and more plants. In the summer, this went swimmingly. The table was overflowing with the brightest and freshest produce, from aubergines to tomatoes, courgettes to cucumbers. In winter, it’s easy to lose heart slightly, assuming there’ll be nothing but cabbage soup for three months. Not a bit of it! Winter vegetable dishes can be just as satisfying as their summer cousins.

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5 simple substitutions to boost your January

Pumpkin soup in yellow plate

If you’d like to get healthier but you don’t want to stop having the meals you love and your home comforts, perhaps try a couple of simple substitutions and see whether you can feel the difference.
These easy swaps will be much better for your body and you might not even taste the difference with some of them! Let us know how you get on and whether you’ll be making the swap for good!

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Sourcing, storing and preparing the best of the season’s vegetables

Fresh beet on wooden background

Here at SimplyCook, we love cooking with seasonal produce. We’re loving our Iranian Vegetable Stew at this time of the year for the wonderful butternut squash and the Korean Bokkeumbap for the farmers’ freshest cabbage.
While it’s easy to pick up a sweet potato and pop it in the oven, there are some other nutritious and flavourful vegetables which sometimes get forgotten about. We’ve come up with a couple of favourites that we’ll show you how to pick the best ones from the market, how to store, prepare and serve them up!

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Top 3 Alternative Christmas Turkey Sandwiches

Christmas Roasted Turkey

It’s inevitable. There will be leftovers. And if you’re not careful they won’t be as tasty the second time around… So feel free to plan for this occasion, take some suggestions and apply an alternative method to all of that turkey meat that even the champion eater of the Christmas table won’t be able to finish.

We’ve got some ideas for dressing this bird in a few different flags for your Xmas day supper or your boxing day spread.

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5 ways to put a twist on your Christmas day feast

Christmas cranberry pancakes

Here are our top five ways of bringing some extra sparkle to your Christmas dinner. While traditions are great, sometimes we keep on eating the same things just for the sake of it. Here are a couple of ways to make some subtle tweaks to your festive feast to help make the day even more memorable…except for #2, this will not help to make things more memorable…

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