Refreshing Infused Waters


During a heatwave there is only one thing we have on our mind – water. Make keeping hydrated in the heat a bit more exciting with our favourite & super simple infused waters. All you need is water, lots of ice and a couple of fruits for a refreshing drink!

For the below, each start with a large glass filled half full with cold water and a handful of ice. For a larger portion, make in jugs and leave overnight in the fridge for the flavours to develop for longer. Then add to a glass the next day with ice.


1. Strawberry – add three sliced strawberries and a few slices of cucumber

2. Watermelon – add a few cubes of watermelon (poke with a fork all over to get maximum flavour) and three leaves of basil, bruise the leaves slightly to help them infuse.

3. Melon – two cubes of cantaloupe and two cubes of honeydew melon, make sure you poke a few holes in them to help the water take on more flavour. For an extra hydrating drink just swap some of the water for cold coconut water.

4. Orange – Add a quarter of an orange sliced with a handful or slightly squashed raspberries.

5. Pineapple – Add four cubes of fresh pineapple, squash it slightly in the bottom of the glass and add a couple of slices of fresh ginger and a couple of crushed mint leaves.

Enjoy and remember to stay hydrated in the heat!