Five dishes you need to try before you die

Rendang (400x298)

With so many tasty dishes to try in the world it can be hard to know when to try. Add that with the expensive cost of buying spices and pastes from all over the world we can get stuck trying the same old dishes week in week out.

At SimplyCook we try to make it as easy as possible to try exciting new foods, we provide the main taste ingredients so you can discover the world without overwhelming your spice cupboard. Here are our top dishes you need to try…

1. Beef Rendang – An Indonesian classic of slow cooked Beef in a thick, aromatic coconut sauce. One of the most popular dishes in the world, you have to try it. We’ve made our version a bit quicker at just 20 mins so you can enjoy this any day of the week.

Rendang (400x298)

2. Bibimbap – Unlike anything else, you have to try a Bibimbap. The Korean version of a kitchen sink you can have anything in the dish but we opt for a selection of vegetables, beef mince and rice. The stars of the show are the fermented bean paste, Gouchujang and the fried egg on top!

Bibimbap 1 (640x427)

3. Jerk Chicken – A Carribean classic of chicken marinated in a spicy sauce and served with the legendary rice & peas. Jamaican comfort food at it’s best! Serve with a rum cocktail to help you cool down the heat.

Jerk Chicken 2


4. Spinach & Paneer Curry – Paneer is a creamy, mild Indian cheese that works perfectly in curries. It soaks up the spices perfectly and is a great alternative for any vegetarian or meat eater.

Spinach & Paneer Curry (640x479)

5. Pad Thai – Every local in Thailand will have their own take on the classic Pad Thai but for perfection you need a careful balance of spice, sweet and sour. We’ve opted for prawns but you can use chicken too.

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