The Perfect Steak

The perfect steak

What would your last meal be? For me, a properly cooked steak, crunchy chips, a nice béarnaise and good glass of red wine would be a worthy contender. But what exactly is a properly cooked steak? Various methods have been suggested and the age-old arguments still go on; which cut to go for? Should you oil the pan?  How long should you rest it?….and so on.

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SimplyCook Vs. The Takeaway


After a hard day’s work a takeaway can seem like a tempting and well-earned treat. The occasional one is great but far too many of us are turning to the takeaway on a more regular basis. A recent survey showed that the average Brit spends an eye watering £1,320 a year on takeaway food, with that number doubling for those living in London.

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5 things to remember when buying Fruit and Veg

veg market

Whether you buy from the supermarket or green grocer we want to make sure you’re buying the best possible fresh ingredients. So next time you’re at the shops follow these 5 basic steps to ensure you never again end up with bland bananas, spoilt spinach or tasteless tomatoes!

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