Why the Recipe Book is dead

recipe book is dead

Over the past 20 years celebrity chefs have launched hundreds of thousands of recipe books and just about every variation of every recipe imaginable is now online. Have you ever wondered why aren’t us Brits cooking more?! It turns out the average Briton can cook just 9 meals! Is that you?

You have to ask yourself – how many recipes have I cooked from those books on the shelf, and how many meals do I have in my repertoire right now? Often the answers are in the single digits! If you can cook more than 24 meals then give yourself a pat on the back – at SimplyCook we call these people food wizards! 😉

The recipe isn’t enough. It’s failing us. Jamie and his pals have done an awesome job – but we’re still not the foodies we wish we were!

Firstly there’s too much choice – searching through endless recipes wondering what to cook tonight, whether it will be any good, and guessing what might be in your fridge actually takes a lot of time and effort.

Secondly it’s really expensive to cook most recipes – buying all the ingredients for a celebrity chef classic can cost as much as £40, and you’ll throw half the ingredients away after too. That Tamarind paste and those caraway seeds? Pretty sure that’ll end up in the bin!

Okay, I get it, so the recipe book has failed…. What’s the solution?

Wouldn’t you like to avoid all this waste, time and expense and become a better cook all at the same time? If so, we’re on a mission to help you! At SimplyCook we’re trying our best to help Britain get cooking and pick up where those dusty old recipe books and day time TV chefs left off!


As part of our mission to help people cook better food – we send 100% natural, high quality cooks ingredients and 4 simple recipes, each month by post to help you become a better cook – no matter your current cooking ability. We’re so keen to help that we’re also offering newbies, like you, their first box for £1 with the code TRIALOFFER. (normal price only £10 for 4 recipe kits).

Each box contains 12 little pots, in which we’ve blended up to 20 ingredients. To put it simply (no pun intended) you’d need to buy about £25 worth of spices, rubs, pastes and blends and set to work with a pestle and mortar and a food processor!

Less waste


If you shop for groceries (which most of us do) then you’ll love this ‘you just add the fresh food’ concept – keep doing what you’re doing, and just add a SimplyCook box to your monthly routine, and for just £8.99 / month you’ll add four new meals to your repertoire each month – without even thinking about it! You’ll also be wowing friends and family with your cooking skills!

We’d love to help you expand your repertoire and start delighting your loved ones with SimplyCook, so we’re offering your first box for just £1 – just enter code TRIALOFFER at checkout.