What’s coming into season this Autumn

What’s Coming Into Season This Autumn

The days are starting to get shorted and the first signs of Autumn are appearing. But it’s not all doom and gloom! As we move out of the summer season there are loads of tasty delights popping out of the ground to get excited about. Here are our favourites with our super simple kits you can use them with.

Wild Mushrooms

Know your Giant Puffball from your Fairy Ring Champignon? Nope, nether do we. What we do is the flavour from Wild Mushrooms can really transform a meal. We wouldn’t recommend picking your own from the woods (unless your expert) as some varieties can be poisonous. But the great news is most supermarkets have a great selection or you can get them at your local farmers market too. Each variety has their own unique flavour so pick carefully!


Serve them simply fried in butter with fresh bread for a tasty breakfast or add a selection to our Wild Mushroom Penne for.


Squash, pumkin and potatoes are all super versatile root vegetables in season at the moment.  They all come in different colours & varieties which can easily be roasted, mashed and fried. Use Spaghetti squash as a replacement for pasta or try Butternut Squash in baking.


Get a hit load of vitamins and try our Iranian Vegetable Stew. Perfect for cold nights, we ask or Butternut squash but it would work with any other seasonal varieties you can get your hands on.


Aubergines or Eggplants as they are known across the pond are most famous for being in Moussaka or Ratatouille but this vegetable (okay, it’s technically a fruit) can be used in a number of ways. The purple skin has a deep, smokey taste and the light flesh takes on flavour perfectly. Great in curries, mashed in the Middle Eastern dip Baba Ghanoush or lightly grilled.


It takes on a starring role in our Dukkah Spiced Salmon, lightly grilled with courgette for a healthy & light mid-week meal.


The cabbage has had a bad rep in the past but we think it’s making a comeback. The prominence of cabbage in Chinese & Korean food has given this usually bland vegetable a new image. It’s also super cheap and healthy for you too. (Don’t worry we still love braised red cabbage & coleslaw too)


We use Cabbage stir-fried in our Korean Bokkeumbap for great texture – it works perfectly with the savoury tastes from our black bean & red pepper Korean Pastes.