The Food Craze that’s Sweeping the World!

Food craze

The Recipe Box is the latest evolution of convenience cooking: measured-out ingredients and a recipe, delivered in a letterbox size package, so you can cook restaurant-quality meals at home. These smart little kits are completely changing the way that people not only cook, but also what they eat, and how they shop.

Rather than the traditional shopping list/supermarket/recipe book approach to homecooking, Recipe Boxes simplify the whole process, with both recipes and the exact right amount of every ingredient you’ll need delivered right to your door.

In Sweden, where this food revolution has its roots, over a fifth of all households have tried it. Often, families don’t even know what they’ll be eating that week until they open the bag and see what’s inside! It’s this inspirational approach to convenience cooking that makes these recipes kits so popular. No longer do you have to choose between spending 2 hours slaving in the kitchen, or popping a plastic tasting ready meal in the microwave. Now you can achieve high-end mid-week meals that pack a flavour punch, and are incredibly simple to make.

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That winning formula has seen the Recipe Box spread across the world, becoming popular in Canada, the US, and New Zealand. And slowly, the Recipe Box has put down roots in the UK.

Except, curiously, take-up here has been very slow compared to other countries. One complaint has been cost; with many still feeling the effects of the economic downturn, some Recipe Boxes can seem very expensive, at over £2,000 per year if you want one every week.

But perhaps the bigger problem is a cultural one, as Britain has a uniquely strong aversion to food waste. While the Recipe Box concept should stop food wastage, with all the ingredients measured out for you, if a family goes out for an evening, that’s a full set if ingredients that ends up in the bin.

SimplyCook has tried to solve both problems by creating a whole new type of Recipe Box. Instead of charging over £30 for a box with all the ingredients, we provide ingredient blends and flavour pots for just £8.99. That way, you can pick up the fresh ingredients whenever it suits you, whilst still having just the right amount of the spices, blends and stocks you’ll need to make everyday ingredients into great meals.

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