The Art of Vegetable Prep

art of veg prep

When creating a beautiful dish, preparation is just as important as how you plate up the final meal. Even more so when it comes to preparing vegetables! Chefs and food stylists use an armoury of extraordinary utensils to achieve the perfect plate, from Spiralizers to julienne peelers. Unfortunately this is a step too far for us home cooks so try mixing things up with these four simple, alternative cutting techniques to help create a visually stunning plate of food.

The Ribbon

Great for salads and pasta, this simple alternative really livens up a dish. Grab a speed peeler and run it down down the entire length of the vegetable to create long, delicate ribbons. This is especially good for cucumbers, asparagus or courgette but can also be done with root vegetables and some of the more flexible varieties of cheese.

The Bias Cut

Though fantastically simple a slight angle variation of cut can make a huge difference to even the dreariest curry or stew. Just tilt your ingredients to a 20-40 degree angle and slice diagonally to create exciting rhombus or trapezoid shapes instead of the normal round cut.

The Full Round

Finely chopping ingredients can hide some of the individual components and loose some of the interesting features. Try keeping vegetables big, but thin so you can see each part and add different layers to the dish. Great for: potatoes, peppers, radishes, onions and chilli’s!

The Flower

Not quite as complex as you first may think. Using a paring knife score 4 small triangles down the length of the carrot (at each compass point) then slice into rounds as usual.

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