Valentine’s night, with zero stress

Valentines Table setting

Admittedly, sipping a glass of something expensive in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower is a very pleasant thing to do of an evening. We’re not knocking watching the sun set over an azure Caribbean Sea. But, when you want a romantic evening without having to re-mortgage the house in the morning, a few simple tricks can transform your night.

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How to Cook on a Budget

at the grocery store

Sometimes I’m not sure how I end up spending so much on food. But it’s not just the odd steak or sushi indulgence after pay day; across the UK, food prices are rising, while food wastage means 6.7 million tonnes of food gets thrown out every year. That means it’s getting more expensive just to cook a meal, so we’ve put together some handy tips on how to cook on a budget, spend more economically and reduce the food you’re wasting too.

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Food Styling Tricks for Better Instagram Pics

Cod Chorizo broth

We love foodie photos! Whether it’s your latest SimplyCook creation or just the Sunday morning fry up we love to see what culinary escapades you’ve been getting up to. So much so that we’ve created our very own Instagram account (@SimplyCookcom), with lots of foodie content, handy tips and mouth-watering shots. Check it out :)!

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5 things to remember when buying Fruit and Veg

veg market

Whether you buy from the supermarket or green grocer we want to make sure you’re buying the best possible fresh ingredients. So next time you’re at the shops follow these 5 basic steps to ensure you never again end up with bland bananas, spoilt spinach or tasteless tomatoes!

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