Perfect wine pairings for Spring dishes

Wine pairing

There’s a reason organisations like the Court of Master Sommeliers exist. For most of us, the world of wine pairings doesn’t extend beyond ‘red with meat, white with fish’. After that it’s a case of checking if the label is in a language we understand and hoping for the best!

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Special food for relaxed romance

Special food for relaxed romance

After unsuccessfully trying to fit into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ hat this winter it got us wondering: is there such a thing as a one-size-fits-all romantic meal?

After a completely unscientific poll of friends and team members, we’ve come up with at least three styles of ‘perfect romantic evening’.

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The one ingredient you should have in your fridge this Christmas

Italian pasta with seafood and herbs

The festive season is coming up which means that demand for key real estate in your fridge and kitchen cupboards is rising higher than a cake with too much baking powder in it.

You’ll need to think carefully and give priority to certain ingredients based on flavour versatility, size of jar, and outright deliciousness. Brandy butter and various chutneys and jellies will be begging for refrigeration upon opening requiring you to re-house the pickled onions from your last fondue night (how long ago was that?!) and make room for some seasonal must-haves.

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Four of the best dishes from all over the world

Firecracker Chicken (640x479)

With so many delicious meals in the world it can be hard to know where to start on your culinary adventure. We all get stuck in the same routine of dishes but it’s time to break free. We’ve put together four of our favourite dishes, the tour starts in the Mediterranean sweeping across to China and South East Asia before a final stop in the southern states of America – get ready for the tastiest trip of your life! Continue reading “Four of the best dishes from all over the world”

5 Recipes Under 400 Calories

recipes under 400 cals

Eating healthy meals that taste great can always be a struggle – either the portion sizes are tiny or the meal is just lacking in flavour! At SimplyCook we want to change this, eating healthily shouldn’t be so difficult so we have made a list of 5 of our dishes that are all under 400 calories. They are full of taste and will leave you feeling satisfied too!

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Top Dishes for your Valentine

Valentines day dinner

Are you struggling with how to impress your loved one on Valentine’s and need some inspiration? If you are on a mission to impress in the kitchen then we’ve put together our top dishes to share with your better half and keep in their good books for the rest of the year. All of our dishes are super simple to prepare and so no need to slave away in the kitchen!

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6 One Pot Rice Dishes You’ll Wish You Knew About Before


Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen with hundreds of dirty pots, pans and utensils? Well at SimplyCook we don’t! That’s why we’ve made a list of our six tastiest rice dishes that only use one pan and guess what? They all take less than 20 minutes to cook! Can’t do much better than that. Continue reading “6 One Pot Rice Dishes You’ll Wish You Knew About Before”