Simple tweaks to make SimplyCook work for you!


Does anyone know a child over the age of four who isn’t a fussy eater? Answers on a postcard please. In our experience, even the most adventurous eater turns three and immediately decides they don’t like potatoes, anything with more than one ingredient mixed together and any food with an ‘r’ in the name.

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The Food Craze that’s Sweeping the World!

Food craze

The Recipe Box is the latest evolution of convenience cooking: measured-out ingredients and a recipe, delivered in a letterbox size package, so you can cook restaurant-quality meals at home. These smart little kits are completely changing the way that people not only cook, but also what they eat, and how they shop.

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How to Cook on a Budget

at the grocery store

Sometimes I’m not sure how I end up spending so much on food. But it’s not just the odd steak or sushi indulgence after pay day; across the UK, food prices are rising, while food wastage means 6.7 million tonnes of food gets thrown out every year. That means it’s getting more expensive just to cook a meal, so we’ve put together some handy tips on how to cook on a budget, spend more economically and reduce the food you’re wasting too.

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Our Heroic Little Pots

Did you ever hear the saying that “Good things come in small packages”? For us at SimplyCook it is more than a saying; it is a mantra. Because every week we package up thousands of tiny pots and send them out all over the UK – little Kitchen Superheroes, ready to do battle with boring mid-week meals, enabling you to cook restaurant-quality dishes in under 20 minutes!

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