A World of Flavour: Lamb

World of food: Lamb

When cooked well, lamb is an incredibly versatile meat. Cooked hot and fast it offers crisp, charred fat without, tender pink meat within. Or roasted slowly until moist and falling apart. It is also able to soak up a diverse range of flavours, making it a culinary gem in our book. So in this blog we’ve decided to take a trip around the globe to truly explore this wonderful meat in all it’s glory.

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Perfect wine pairings for Spring dishes

Wine pairing

There’s a reason organisations like the Court of Master Sommeliers exist. For most of us, the world of wine pairings doesn’t extend beyond ‘red with meat, white with fish’. After that it’s a case of checking if the label is in a language we understand and hoping for the best!

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Mum’s Perfect Roast Lamb

Mums roast lamb

If you invite someone round and set out to make a roast dinner, they know you definitely mean business. If you have guests from another country their top three foodie requests are always fish & chips, good beer and a roast dinner. It’s the international symbol of British cooking (not for nothing do the French call us the ‘rosbifs’).

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Cut out for the job

Cut out for the job

Winter is absolutely the right time for a stew. Not school dinner stew. Dismiss thoughts of watery gristle with inexplicably uncooked pieces of carrot. We’re thinking of meltingly tender meat slowly cooked in unctuous meaty gravy. When it has been dark since 4 o’clock in the afternoon and wind is threatening the structural integrity of your house, a pot of savoury goodness fits the bill.

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