Simple tweaks to make SimplyCook work for you!


Does anyone know a child over the age of four who isn’t a fussy eater? Answers on a postcard please. In our experience, even the most adventurous eater turns three and immediately decides they don’t like potatoes, anything with more than one ingredient mixed together and any food with an ‘r’ in the name.

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Sweet Treat Swaps

Sweet swaps

Sugar has recently become public enemy number one, overtaking saturated fats, trans fats and probably nuclear warfare. Sales of fizzy drinks and baked goods will now plummet and we’ll all be nibbling on celery sticks during our 3pm slump. Dentists across the country are wondering how they’re going to pay the rent now we’ve all stopped guzzling full strength coke and have perfect smiles.

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Is Gluten-Free the Way Forward?

Gluten Free

There’s been a huge amount of publicity recently about various athletes who’ve decided to follow a gluten-free diet. They swear their performance is better for it. Now, we’re not party to the likes of Novak Djokovic’s medical notes, but we presume most of the gluten-free athletes have not been diagnosed as coeliac.

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5 simple substitutions to boost your January

Pumpkin soup in yellow plate

If you’d like to get healthier but you don’t want to stop having the meals you love and your home comforts, perhaps try a couple of simple substitutions and see whether you can feel the difference.
These easy swaps will be much better for your body and you might not even taste the difference with some of them! Let us know how you get on and whether you’ll be making the swap for good!

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Top 3 Alternative Christmas Turkey Sandwiches

Christmas Roasted Turkey

It’s inevitable. There will be leftovers. And if you’re not careful they won’t be as tasty the second time around… So feel free to plan for this occasion, take some suggestions and apply an alternative method to all of that turkey meat that even the champion eater of the Christmas table won’t be able to finish.

We’ve got some ideas for dressing this bird in a few different flags for your Xmas day supper or your boxing day spread.

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