SimplyCook vs…


Our goal at SimplyCook HQ has always been to help people diversify their evening meals and in the process; save time, money and get the UK cooking again! As we see it there are currently five options when it comes to suppertime.

  1. Ordering a takeaway
  2. Visiting a restaurant
  3. Picking up a ready meal
  4. Following a recipe book and cooking at home
  5. Relying on one of your weekly staples. A recent survey found that the average Brit relies on a culinary repertoire of just 9 dishes…. one of these being beans on toast!

Each has obvious benefits and drawbacks but ultimately we make our decision based on our own desired balance of meal quality, convenience and cost. At SimplyCook we offer a 6th option, one that produces restaurant quality results with greater ease than following a recipe book and all for a fraction of the cost of takeaways or eating out.

It’s now time to put this claim to the test, so over the coming month we’ll be going one on one with the other supper time contenders based on overall cost, meal quality, convenience. Each week we’ll be reporting our findings in the form of a comparable dish show down so stay tuned!

You don’t have to take our word for it though! Why not begin your own SimplyCook challenge and let us know how you get on! We’ll even let you have your first SimplyCook box for just £4! Enter the code ‘SCVS’ at checkout to claim it now.

Bring on the takeaway!