SimplyCook vs. The Restaurant


In the finale of our SimplyCook vs. series we put our restaurant quality claim to the test as we go head to head  with a well-known Italian chains version of our chicken and mushroom risotto (or Risotto Pollo Fungi for those of an Italian disposition).

Although we couldn’t do our usual blind taste test for obvious reasons we did our best with the tasters sampling both offerings in the same afternoon. There results are as follows…


The SimplyCook Chicken and Mushroom Risotto Restaurant Risotto Pollo Fungi

Time to table

20 minutes

23 minutes

Blind taste test

Draw Draw

Cost per person

£3.28 per person (including kit)

£12.25 per person (plus tips)

And the winner is..

3-1 to SimplyCook!


This was set to be a close contest from the start, with SimplyCook gaining a narrow early victory with the time to table test. The tasters was split when it came down to the taste test but agreed the dishes were almost identical in taste and with the SimplyCook version offering slightly more generous portions. The real win was on the price front, with our SimplyCook version being almost £9 cheaper, and that’s without an overpriced glass of wine on top. Whilst the waiters suspect Italian accent was endearing, with the restaurant version coming in at 927 calories (without the temptation of the garlic bread and chocolate fondant) against our healthier 581 calories, we think SimplyCook is the real winner for everybody’s waistlines.

So there you have it, we’re satisfied that we’ve beaten the competition. But don’t take our word for it! Why not hold your own SimplyCook vs challenge and see how you get on. We’ll even give you a voucher to get you started ”SCVS”!

We’d love to hear all about it so make sure you keep us up to date on our Facebook and twitter pages!