SimplyCook vs. The Recipe book


Welcome to another round in our SimplyCook vs. series. This week we take on the traditional way that people cook new meals, with a recipe book.

Finding and cooking new recipes is great and we want to encourage home cooking of all kinds as much as possible! The unfortunate problem is that the average Brit buys more recipe books than anyone else in Europe and watches the most cookery programs, yet still relies on a culinary repertoire of just 9 meals! Our solution is to streamline the home cooking process, in the hope that lowering the cost, ingredients and time required to cook a great meal at home will help get Britain cooking again!

By combining as many as 23 different ingredients into each SimplyCook pot (in just the right quantities) we save you the hassle and expense of tracking down those hard to find foodie ingredients, purchasing them at great cost and removing the guesswork of putting them all together!

We often use recipe book classics as a starting point to develop our new meal kits. We take a recipe, figure our the key taste ingredients and then condense as many of them as possible down into each pot. Once we have our first prototype pots we test and tinker with each ingredient  to get the tastiest flavour profile. Once we’re happy with the concepts the work really begins! Each kit is tested by our expert SimplyCook panel to ensure that they’re not only delicious but also accessible and worthy of making it into our range.

The Malaysian laksa was one of the original concept recipes that we used to form one of our first kits so this should be interesting!


The SimplyCook Malaysian Laksa A 15 minute Thai Chicken Laksa

Time to table

19 minutes 40 minutes

Blind taste test

Cost per person £4.51 per person (including kit)

£10.48 per person

And the winner is.. 3-0 to SimplyCook!


Yet another win for SimplyCook. Both dishes tasted great, however the blind tasters opted for the SimplyCook offering, citing the recipe book version as a little too spicy. Next time I’ll be sure to dial down chilli! This does rather conveniently highlight another issue of cooking a new meal, you just don’t know how it will turn out until you’ve cooked it a couple of times. Fortunately not a problem with SimplyCook given that all the key taste ingredients are perfectly balanced, ensuring not one flavour is too over powering.

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