Simple tweaks to make SimplyCook work for you!


Does anyone know a child over the age of four who isn’t a fussy eater? Answers on a postcard please. In our experience, even the most adventurous eater turns three and immediately decides they don’t like potatoes, anything with more than one ingredient mixed together and any food with an ‘r’ in the name.

We might be biased but one of the great things about SimplyCook’s flavour kits is they’re so versatile. Has the youngest decided they don’t like fish? Has your oldest decided to go meat-free? Have you discovered that you’re lactose intolerant?

Well, now you can let your imagination run wild – our flavour kits can be adapted to suit the needs of even the most hard-to-please family! We absolutely love seeing how people have picked up our flavour kits and run with them – so read on for just a few examples of how you can put a spin on your favourite SimplyCook recipes.



Scenario 1: “I want to make the dish go further”
Simply add a few more fresh ingredients

“We enjoy SimplyCook as a family of 4, by adding extra fresh ingredients” ~ Hannah

Our recipes often serve two very generously to start with, but adding a couple of extra ingredients can easily stretch them to four brilliantly tasty meals. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you:

Chicken Tinga

This is a family favourite as it is, so make sure no one goes hungry by doubling the chicken, tortillas and tomatoes.  Kids love tactile food, and this one insists on being eaten with your hands! Add a little extra salsa if you like, and definitely more napkins!

Chicken Tinga 3



This is a real family crowd-pleaser, so to ensure it will feed four hearty appetites, simply add an extra 50g of rice and another chicken thigh. If you don’t want to lose that smoky paprika hum, add another 50g of chorizo. On the other hand, if your children prefer milder dishes, substitute the chorizo for a good quality sausage.

Jambalaya tight cropped (1000 x 600)


Wild Mushroom Penne

Our Wild Mushroom Penne already serves two very generously. Add in a jar of preserved artichokes and another 50g pasta and you’ll easily have enough for four. Add in a chopped chilli if you prefer your pasta to bite back.

 Wild Mushroom penne




Scenario 2: “I want to make a dish less spicy”
Use half of the flavour pots, add coconut milk or more fresh ingredients

“By making little changes, you can cook almost any dish to suit your taste” ~ Charis

 Some of us love to get that chilli kick, but if that’s not your style, or you’re feeding sensitive little palates, it couldn’t be easier to make our spicier dishes milder.

Hot Cajun Meatballs

Most children love meatballs, but this Louisiana-style hot pot is probably a bit fiery. Make it milder by using just half of the Cajun Seasoning and Hot Sauce, and adding in a chopped yellow pepper for sweetness. They’ll still taste great, the whole family will be happy, and if you cover the flavour pots with cling film you can make another batch later in the week!

Cajun meatballs_twitter


Balinese Chicken

Our Balinese Chicken packs a spicy punch but by adding a second tin of coconut milk you can tone the fire right down. Add in an extra chicken breast, a handful of green beans and some diced butternut squash and it will also go twice as far.

Balinese (replacement)


Mexican Bean Chilli

This is a fairly spicy dish, so to satisfy more sensitive palates, double the amount of mince and beans and add a red pepper. You’ll get huge dish of flavourful, but not too hot chilli, to which the adults can add chilli sauce to taste. It also freezes beautifully, so this is perfect if you’re cooking for two and want to indulge again later in the week!

Mexican bean chilli 3



Scenario 3: “I want to use different ingredients”
Swap the protein, carbs or veggie ingredients in any recipe, with other ingredients from the same food group.

“The recipes are really adaptable; I just use what’s already in the fridge” ~ Chris

SimplyCook is all about making great food convenient and easy to make at home. Sometimes that means switching up a few ingredients because you haven’t had time to do the shopping, or the fridge is full of other stuff. No problem – we bring the flavour; you bring the style!

Goan Fish Curry

If your family includes a fish-phobic, our Goan Fish Curry flavour kit works beautifully with diced chicken. Add the chicken at the same time as the onions and tomatoes to ensure it’s cooked through, and follow the rest of the recipe as described. This adaption can also be applied to both the Thai Red Prawn Curry or Thai Yellow Fish Curry. Voilà – no more fishy freak-outs at dinner time!

Chicken curry tikka masala with basmati rice on decorated bowl


Chinese Spiced Duck Salad

We can hear breath being drawn in through teeth from here – “My children will never eat salad!” we hear you cry! No problem, make it into Duck Noodle Stir-Fry instead, perhaps with slices of stir-fried pepper and mushrooms (or whatever veggies you can get away with). If you want to add an extra duck breast, simply mix the Duck Marinade with a little olive oil to make to make it go further.

stir fried chicken and noodles


Spinach and Paneer Curry

Spinach is perhaps one of those foods that most people take to when they’re a bit older. If your children aren’t a fan of the Popeye green stuff, swap it for frozen peas. Cubed potatoes or cauliflower florets can be substituted for paneer if the cheese isn’t to everyone’s taste, or just add them in as well to make the dish go further. A little extra cream and another onion and you’ll have four happy campers.

cottage Cheese cooked with peas in white bowl

We love to provide inspiration for those days when you need it, but if you’re feeling more creative, need a change or just need to please a fussy eater, go wild! Simply take our kits and use them to add a flavour hit to the things you like.

We’d love to see some pictures of your favourite SimplyCook creations – why not share them with us on social media using the hashtag #SimplyCookSwaps?