Simple Flatbread Pizzas

Super simple flatbread pizza

Is there anything more magical than the aroma of freshly cooked pizza oozing with molten mozzarella and fragrant with basil? Well what if we told you that you can create that magic for yourself, in just four easy steps? This simple to follow recipe is perfect to make with your kids, or just as a grown up treat when you’re feeling lazy but still want something homecooked and flavour-packed.

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A World of Flavour: Lamb

World of food: Lamb

When cooked well, lamb is an incredibly versatile meat. Cooked hot and fast it offers crisp, charred fat without, tender pink meat within. Or roasted slowly until moist and falling apart. It is also able to soak up a diverse range of flavours, making it a culinary gem in our book. So in this blog we’ve decided to take a trip around the globe to truly explore this wonderful meat in all it’s glory.

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Sweet Treat Swaps

Sweet swaps

Sugar has recently become public enemy number one, overtaking saturated fats, trans fats and probably nuclear warfare. Sales of fizzy drinks and baked goods will now plummet and we’ll all be nibbling on celery sticks during our 3pm slump. Dentists across the country are wondering how they’re going to pay the rent now we’ve all stopped guzzling full strength coke and have perfect smiles.

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