What to do with Leftover Herbs


Fresh herbs are a fantastic way to finish a dish; they add a great depth of flavour and a pleasing splash of additional colour. The problem is what to do with any leftovers? Try this neat trick next time you find yourself with a herby surplus!


Next time you find yourself with a leftover pile of herbs, try preserving them in frozen olive oil or butter. This method prevents them loosing flavour or drying out and creates a convenient little cube to add to stews and roasts or as an infused oil. This technique works best with the hardier herbs such as Sage, Rosemary or Thyme but can also be done with the more fragile varieties.


  1. Finely chop your leftover herbs
  2. Tightly pack them into an ice cube tray (you can mix and match different varieties of herb, just remember to label them up!)
  3. Pour good quality olive oil or melted unsalted butter over each pocket, ensuring the herbs are fully submerged.
  4. Freeze overnight, transfer to a clear plastic bag and pop back in the freezer until needed.
  5. Add to stews, roasts or soups the next time you need a little herby boost!


Happy Cooking!