The SC Guide to Kitchen knives and Preparation Techniques

kitchen knives and chopping

You’ll often see recipes asking for exotic sounding preparation techniques or types of knife, here’s our simplified translation:

Knife Skills photo

  • Batonnet or baton: a finger-sized stick cut
  • Julienne: a matchstick sized stick cut
  • Dice (small, medium or large): cubes made from batons
  • Brunoise: cubes made from julienne
  • Chiffonade: a technique that requires you to stack and roll leaves (herbs or greens) and cut perpendicular to the roll, creating long thin ribbons
  • Paysanne: A very finely sliced cube made from batons
  • Round cut: the traditional disc like cut used when chopping route vegetables such as carrots.
  • Bias Cut: A more visually appealing alternative to the round cut; the bias cut requires you to cut at sharp angles.


From beginners to the keenest of home cooks you’ll be to complete all basic tasks with just the 5 essentials knives: the paring, chef, utility, filleting and serrated slicer (bread knife). Oh and remember to keep your knives in the best possible condition follow the 5 SimplyCook Laws of Knife Care!

Happy Chopping!