Is Gluten-Free the Way Forward?

Gluten Free

There’s been a huge amount of publicity recently about various athletes who’ve decided to follow a gluten-free diet. They swear their performance is better for it. Now, we’re not party to the likes of Novak Djokovic’s medical notes, but we presume most of the gluten-free athletes have not been diagnosed as coeliac.

So why are so many people who are not allergic or intolerant, looking to reduce their gluten intake? Well, lots of people report feeling less bloating, heartburn and can digest other foods more effectively without the presence of gluten. Some athletes even say they recover more quickly from exercise on a low-gluten diet.

If you’re allergic to gluten (coeliac) then avoiding gluten altogether is a must, but for lots of other people, it’s simply a lifestyle choice. The supermarkets have cottoned on to this and the range of gluten-free products has massively increased. Unfortunately, so has the price tag. We’ve even heard tell of certain brands taking something that was already gluten-free, adding a gluten-free tag to the label and hiking up the price!

At SimplyCook, we’re committed to offering a varied range of gluten-free recipes, which is why you can now choose to get a gluten-free box. It’s important to be clear, spices themselves are generally gluten-free anyway, but it is the recipes we suggest to make with them that are gluten-free, if you choose this box.

To give our gluten-free range some context, our founder, Oli, can’t eat gluten, so he’s got a vested interest in making sure our gluten-free meals taste fantastic. And we’re not going to penalise anyone for wanting to eat a meal minus the gluten, so you can be confident there’s no difference in price between our standard box and our gluten-free box.

If you’re not sensitive to gluten but want to try eating some alternative grains anyway, why not try adding some of our gluten-free boxes to your order? Eating a variety of food types means you’ll get a whole range of nutrients. As a bonus you definitely won’t get bored.

There’s a variety of gluten-alternative grains available, here’s a suggestion just to get you started:

Quinoa & Amaranth

Quinoa & Amaranth

These nubbly pseudo-grains from South America are definitely not wheat’s poor relation. They’re tasty and nutritious with double the amount of protein found in brown rice. They also both contain high levels of iron (in fact amaranth contains twice as much as quinoa), magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and lots of B-vitamins. If you haven’t tasted quinoa before, why not try our Spicy Cajun Chicken Quinoa?

An easy way to get more variety in your diet is to use quinoa where you’d usually use couscous or bulgur wheat. Try making our Spiced Butternut Squash Risotto with quinoa instead of rice for a nutritious twist. Let us know what you think!


There are a whole range of seeds and grains out there that don’t get much publicity but are worth seeking out whether you have food intolerances or just want to try something new. Try the more exotic teff to make Ethiopian injera breads. Or what about millet for Indian breads? Is there something you’d love to try but can’t find?