I want to make cooking accessible for a generation.

Oli Blogpost 2

So, when people ask me what I do my answer differs a lot from what I said a year ago. I now say, ‘I’ve started a business that wants to make cooking accessible for a generation’.

Remarkably, despite buying more recipe books than any other European country and consuming more celebrity chef TV shows than ever thought imaginable, us Brits still on average only have a repertoire of 5-7 meals, and one of those is beans on toast!

So why do we have such a recipe mad nation with this huge interest in cooking, yet we aren’t all rolling our sleeves up in the kitchen? For me the answer is that ‘the recipe isn’t enough’. Fundamentally, recipes and TV shows and chefs – marvellous as they are – still leave people with too much to do.

Given our busy lifestyles assembling a top-notch meal is just slightly too difficult for time strapped foodies. Most recipes have longer than needed shopping lists and require hard-to-find ingredients that may not be available in your average Tesco express. Plus the cost of buying all the ingredients can often result in the meal soaring well above £10 per head. That’s before we get onto the waste or excess ingredients that go unused.

So, for me, that’s where we come in to take all the hassle out, and make cooking new exciting, healthy meals both fun and easy!

We provide 4 simple recipes in each box, which can be completed in under 20 mins. And, crucially, we also provide 12 high quality ingredient blends that provide the taste. These ingredients pack a real flavour punch and guarantee that your cooking will taste great. All we ask you to do is follow the recipe and add a few basic items of fresh food – the sorts of things you can pick up in minutes, or you may have lying around anyway.

We believe this makes all the difference – and makes cooking exceptional meals accessible for any foodie who wants special results, without requiring extra time and effort. What’s more the meals only take 20mins and usually work out at about half the cost of following a recipe book equivalent.