Having the girls (or indeed the boys) round for dinner and need an epic sharing dish?

Chicken Tinga

So, the girls are coming round for dinner and you want to cook something super fun and interactive or something a little more interesting that makes for a great centre piece.

I’ve got just what you need!

For something super interactive and tasty it’s got to be the Tinga!


Our Chicken Tinga is a popular street dish from Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s super tasty, easy peasy to prep and so much fun to eat as you build your own Tinga like they’d do in street food trucks across Oaxaca City. I recommend a kit for every 2 people with this recipe so as to let the real, authentic Mexican flavours come through in every bite! Have fun with as many condiments as you like and don’t be afraid to get a little messy. This dish will need to be accompanied by kitchen roll!

For something a bit interesting and impressive it’s got to be the West African Stew!

SimplyCook_193 (640x479)

I’m obsessed with peanut butter (the team will testify to this) and couldn’t wait to get this dish into the range! This recipe is a great one to cook in advance and can be gently warmed on the hob before serving. Pour it into a big bowl when cooked and set in the middle of the table to allow your guests to spoon the stew into their bowls of rice. If, like me, you’re really keen on peanut butter I wouldn’t be adverse to putting a massive jar of crunchy peanut butter on the table too! Similarly with this one I recommend a kit for every 2 people so as to allow the authentic West African flavours to shine through. I guarantee you’ll impress your guests with this one!

So go on! Share your SimplyCook meals. After all, sharing is caring. :)