Food Styling Tricks for Better Instagram Pics

Cod Chorizo broth

We love foodie photos! Whether it’s your latest SimplyCook creation or just the Sunday morning fry up we love to see what culinary escapades you’ve been getting up to. So much so that we’ve created our very own Instagram account (@SimplyCookcom), with lots of foodie content, handy tips and mouth-watering shots. Check it out :)!

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As part of this month’s mission to prettify the nations meals we’ve asked our food stylist and photographer to come up with practical advice to help you improve your foodie snaps. Here are 4 things to remember when shooting food!


When photographing your meals it’s best to opt for smaller portions (you can always add more after!) Huge plates of food loose perspective and miss out some of the more intricate details!

Dirty dishes and stray splashes of gravy also detract from the overall look of a photo, so be sure to clear up the rim of the dish before shooting. Run a kitchen towel around the rim of the plate for a clean, professional finish. It’s also important to not go to far with this though, stray crumbs or oozing puddings bring the photo to life so be clean, but not too clean.


Contrasting colours make meals look more vibrant and appealing. We love to garnish curries and stews with fresh herbs or lime wedges to help break up the monotony of similar coloured ingredients. If your meal looks a bit drab, perk it up with a nice garnish of fresh herbs.


Natural lighting is essential to prevent your meals looking dull and lifeless. Place your dish next to a window or doorway for the best results.  See what a difference it makes:

Bibimbap 1 (640x427)


The focal point of any food photo should (where possible) be the central or most exciting component of the dish. Once you’ve established this, play around with the angle and direction at which you want to shoot the dish. Keep snapping until you’ve got the perfect shot, but remember to work as quickly as possible to prevent unwanted wilting or seepage!

This month at SimplyCook we’re running a foodie photo competition so send your picks into our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for your chance to win a free discovery box!

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