A World of Flavour: Lamb

World of food: Lamb

When cooked well, lamb is an incredibly versatile meat. Cooked hot and fast it offers crisp, charred fat without, tender pink meat within. Or roasted slowly until moist and falling apart. It is also able to soak up a diverse range of flavours, making it a culinary gem in our book. So in this blog we’ve decided to take a trip around the globe to truly explore this wonderful meat in all it’s glory.

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Sweet Treat Swaps

Sweet swaps

Sugar has recently become public enemy number one, overtaking saturated fats, trans fats and probably nuclear warfare. Sales of fizzy drinks and baked goods will now plummet and we’ll all be nibbling on celery sticks during our 3pm slump. Dentists across the country are wondering how they’re going to pay the rent now we’ve all stopped guzzling full strength coke and have perfect smiles.

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Cut out for the job

Cut out for the job

Winter is absolutely the right time for a stew. Not school dinner stew. Dismiss thoughts of watery gristle with inexplicably uncooked pieces of carrot. We’re thinking of meltingly tender meat slowly cooked in unctuous meaty gravy. When it has been dark since 4 o’clock in the afternoon and wind is threatening the structural integrity of your house, a pot of savoury goodness fits the bill.

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Winter veg-tastic

Winter veg-tastic

A little while ago, lots of us decided to aim for a meat-light diet. We thought that, for our own health and the health of the planet, we’d eat less meat and more plants. In the summer, this went swimmingly. The table was overflowing with the brightest and freshest produce, from aubergines to tomatoes, courgettes to cucumbers. In winter, it’s easy to lose heart slightly, assuming there’ll be nothing but cabbage soup for three months. Not a bit of it! Winter vegetable dishes can be just as satisfying as their summer cousins.

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5 simple substitutions to boost your January

Pumpkin soup in yellow plate

If you’d like to get healthier but you don’t want to stop having the meals you love and your home comforts, perhaps try a couple of simple substitutions and see whether you can feel the difference.
These easy swaps will be much better for your body and you might not even taste the difference with some of them! Let us know how you get on and whether you’ll be making the swap for good!

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Why you don’t need to omit a key ingredient from your Tagine anymore

Preserved Lemons Salted Like In Morocco

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