5 things to remember when buying Fruit and Veg

veg market

Whether you buy from the supermarket or green grocer we want to make sure you’re buying the best possible fresh ingredients. So next time you’re at the shops follow these 5 basic steps to ensure you never again end up with bland bananas, spoilt spinach or tasteless tomatoes!

  1. Check the basics– look for any bruises, blemishes or pests and discard if any are present
  2. Colour– Select the most enticing and vibrantly coloured fruit and veg. Any dull or discoloured produce is yet to ripen or was deprived of sunlight and key nutrients.
  3. Weight-  Feel the weight of two similarly sized fruits and select the heavier of the two. Light produce is likely to be older, drier and a lot less juicy!
  4. Firmness-   Desired firmness varies depending on the type of fruit or vegetable so no one generic rule will apply here. Comparing within the batch can be very informative though so make sure you know what you’re looking for and don’t be afraid to give the produce a squeeze!
  5. Aroma- Fruit and veg should smell faintly (or in some cases quite strongly) of how it tastes. Smell the part that was attached to the stem and select the one with that emits the most fragrant aroma. Any produce that does not smell or smells sour will likely be unripe or past it’s best.

And remember….

  • Buy fruit and veg that is in Season! Buying at the peak of a particular vegetables season will ensure that you get a much cheaper, tastier and natural ingredient.
  • Where possible buy locally, ingredients that are produced locally accumulate less travel time and are likely to reach you in far better condition as well as retaining more valuable nutrients.
  • Buy loose rather than pre packaged fruit and veg. Not only does it work out far cheaper to buy by the kilogram, loose fruit and veg gives you an opportunity to properly inspect the produce and follow those 5 simple steps. 

Happy Cooking!