5 Spices with Hidden Health Benefits

Selection of dried spices .

Not only do they help to provide great flavour to sometimes dull food, spices also have a spectrum of amazing health benefits that can help keep you ticking over. We’ve put together a list of five spices that have some surprising health benefits and some great recipes for you to try them in!


Tumeric – this bright and colourful spice contains the powerful anti-inflammatory curcumin that has been shown to help prevent certain cancers. It also has added benefits in that it helps to reduce inflammation & provide pain relief.

How to use it: A great base for any curry or spice blend, just make sure not too add too much as it can have a bitter taste. Tumeric tea is also becoming popular in health stores which is great for digestion. Try in our Biryani, Goan Fish Curry, Paella and Smoked Haddock Kedgeree

Ground Ginger – Fresh ginger has amazing health benefits and is great with some honey & hot water. But ground ginger also has some hidden health benefits – it helps to reduce inflammation so great for when you’re exercising and has been shown to increase attention spans.

How to use it: Add it to cakes and puddings for a lovely spiced flavour in the winter. Also used in a variety of stews and curries it can add a great depth of flavour. Try in our Beef Rendang, Chinese Spiced Duck Salad, Morrocan Spiced Fish with Cassia and Nyonya

Cayenne Pepper – Hot chilli in powdered form, this deep red spice contains capsaicin which is the compound that gives chilli’s their hot kick. A key component in the infamous Maple Syrup diet, this kick helps to speed up your metabolism so you burn more calories and it also helps to reduce hunger.

How to use it: sprinkle whenever you want an extra kick to your food or add to stews too for some heat. Try in our Baked Cod with Chorizo Broth and Creamy Chorizo Rigatoni

Cumin –  Popular from across the Mediterranean to India, found in their seed form or ground too, this spice is an amazing source of iron which helps to keep your energy up and your immune system ticking over.

How to use it: An essential in the base for any spiced dish, North African tagine or curry. Try in our Beef Rendang, Pork Cassoulet, Thai Yellow Fish Curry and West African Peanut Stew

Cinnamon – This deep and often sweet spice has an antioxidant that helps us metabolise glucose. Helps to keep blood sugar levels constant and has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It also helps to lower cholesterol too!

How to use it: Traditionally used in sweet food such as pastries and with coffee, cinnamon can also provide a great depth of flavour in curries and stews too. Try in our Chicken Tagine, Firecracker Chicken, Spiced Butternut Squash Risotto

Butternut Squash Risotto (640x479)

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