5 simple substitutions to boost your January

Pumpkin soup in yellow plate

If you’d like to get healthier but you don’t want to stop having the meals you love and your home comforts, perhaps try a couple of simple substitutions and see whether you can feel the difference.
These easy swaps will be much better for your body and you might not even taste the difference with some of them! Let us know how you get on and whether you’ll be making the swap for good!

1. Swap potato chips for courgette or sweet potato chips
You can make them in exactly the same way. Toss them in oil and bake/roast them, turning occasionally until they’re nice and crispy. (180C fan oven for 25-35 mins should do the trick). 

Sweet potato fries, selective focus

2. Use Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise with tuna, chicken or an egg salad.
Simple but effective, even light mayonnaise has about 3x the amount of calories as Greek yoghurt. So try the same quantity of yoghurt in your salad dressing or sandwich filling instead and enjoy a lighter but equally creamy mix. 

3. Use mashed potato or crushed cashews to make soups creamy instead of using cream
Instead of cream, something like potatoes or cashews can add the same effect without the extra calories. This way you can make dairy-free soups too if you’d like to! 

Pumpkin soup in yellow plate

4. Make cauliflower rice instead of white rice: blitz cauliflower in the food processor and then cook for 2-3 mins.
This is a different one, won’t taste the same as rice, but it’s a fantastic new way of having something delicious and grainy as a base for a stir-fry or an Indian curry. It only takes seconds in a food processor and a fraction of the time that rice takes to cook in a pan. Try it and see! It’s all the rage in California apparently. 

Bulgur - Boiled whole bulgur wheat.

5. Bake with avocado instead of butter
Another interesting one, but here’s one that doesn’t add an avocado flavour to your baking. It just adds the oily creaminess that butter provides, but it’s a healthier fat to use. Let us know how you get on!