5 foods you need more of in your diet

Raw Sweet Potatoes

We’ve all heard the famous phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and it’s even more true that you feel how you eat too. To keep in the best shape and feel the best you need to make sure you’re eating the best. Here are the foods that everyone needs to be eating more to stay healthy and on their A game.

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Sweet Potato – The humble spuds sweeter cousin, these provide a slow release of energy throughout the day as well as being jam packed with vitamins A, C, E and B6. The carotenoids are great for anti-aging, eyesight and increasing immunity too.

Treat like them a normal potato with a slightly shorter cooking time – mash, boil, saute or bake. Or we love them cut into wedges and roasted in the oven.

Fish – Low in fat and high and protein, fish is a great centre for any meal. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids to help  keep your heart healthy and ward of cardiovascular disease. Opt for the oily fishes such as salmon, mackerel & sardines for an extra health kick but just make sure it’s all from sustainable sources.

There are countless ways to use fish, we love it in a fragrant curry, glazed with teriyaki served with noodles or click here to try it in our smokey and sweet cod & chorizo broth.

Nuts – All nuts have different health benefits so you can mix and match for great health. Being a source of healthy, unsaturated fat, they help to keep your skin & hair in good condition. The protein levels help to keep you full for longer, a handful a day makes a great snack!

Peanut and almond butter are great with sliced apple or on toast. Or sprinkle some cashews or peanuts on a stir-fry or curry for extra texture. For something extra adventurous try our West African Peanut Stew – the peanut butter goes amazingly with the spices and cocoa in the sauce!

Tomatoes – This versatile fruit is a great all rounder. A source of vitamins A & C and folic acid; the antioxidants in them help with chronic illness, aid blood glucose control and help with sleep, learning & memory.

Perfect raw in a tricolore salad or in a curry to make a lovely tomatoey sauce. Try something different with our Chiptole Pork Chop with tomatoey, spicy beans here.

Eggs – We’ve all heard of bad cholesterol but eggs are actually the perfect source for good cholesterol. They are inexpensive and provide high quality protein. This makes them great for vegetarians and help you to lose wieght by aiding metabolism. The list of vitamins are endless with them providing vitamins B2, D, B12, A, E and K.

You don’t just have to have them for breakfast. We’ve put boiled eggs in our classic Kedergee, stir fried in our Pad Thai and fried on top of our Korean Bibimbap and Bokkeumbap – yum!

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