10 struggles only the household food shopper will understand


At some point, everybody has had to step up to the challenge and face the shops. There’s always one person in the house who has unofficially been assigned the responsibility of “sorting dinner” and consequently ends up trekking to the supermarket more often than they’d like. If this is you, you’ll be all too familiar with the following (by no means comprehensive) list of problems that only frequent food shoppers will experience on an unfortunate daily basis.

1. Going to the shop for 1 thing and coming back with 6 things. And getting told off for it.
To be fair, you probably even forgot to buy the original item you went to the shops for.


2. The coupon-using customer just in front of you in the queue who decides to use
all their vouchers. #whynow

Crying baby child

3. The silent rage you experience when a self-checkout newbie makes rookie mistakes
in front of you.

take your time

4. “Unexpected item in the bagging area”. Enough said.

5. Impulsively bulk-buying things that are never needed in bulk to realise
you only saved 32p.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns and butter reduced?
Right, that’s dinner sorted.

6. Having to balance all your items in a pile in the tiny bagging area instead of
moving them aside to avoid #4.

7. The stares of judgement you get when you use multiple supermarket plastic bags,
and shove a few extras into your shopping…


8. When you wildly overestimate your ability to carry 8 shopping bags home
and immediately regret buying 5kg of butter.

9. The fumble for your house keys with 8 shopping bags to juggle. #noidon’tneedhelpthanksforasking

10. The satisfaction of finally arriving home, only to realise it’s 8pm,
you’ve got a super long recipe to pay attention to, a mammoth of a dish to prepare
and someone pestering you about when dinner will be ready!  *sigh*

(more on this rigmarole next time)

man with book

So, if you want to avoid all this, and you want to re-claim your stolen evening – we can help. Just keep it simple! Grab a couple of basic things from the supermarket, get on home and whip dinner together in under 20 mins. No frustration required!
Warning: Minimal thought involved in this.
Side effects: Potential high-level astonishment at self-achievement in the kitchen.